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[ Q ] What is Dr Tea?

[ Ans ] Dr tea is identified as an incredible weight loss formula made up of some beneficial Ayurvedic herbs. Unlike other slimming pills, there are no side effects and is thus a safe way to have a well toned body. Apart from losing weight, it helps in detoxifying your body and even helps you get rid of constipation.

[ Q ] What are benefits of Dr. Tea?

[ Ans ] Some of the main benefits of Dr tea includes -

  • Efficient weight loss tea
  • Herbal and safe to use.
  • Removes even the stubborn fat layer
  • Treats constipation and gas problems
  • Boost immune system of the body
  • Detoxify Your Body

[ Q ] Are there any side effects of the product?

[ Ans ] No, there are no side effects of using Dr tea as it is made up of various natural Herbal ingredients which are completely safe to use.

[ Q ]Do you recommend women to drink Dr Tea immediately after pregnancy?

[ Ans ] No weight loss formula should be used by a woman immediately after pregnancy.

* Note: Results may vary person to person.

[ Q ] What is the recommended dosage of Dr tea in a day?

[ Ans ] It will be beneficial to consume Dr tea twice in a day that to 20-30 minutes before major meals. Let the tea bag soak in hot water for 2-3 minutes, then squeeze it with a spoon so that all the benefits of tea remain in the water. Now drink it. For best results it better to drink it without milk and sugar.

[ Q ] How to order?

[ Ans ] These are-

  • Visit our website and fill in the order form available there.
  • Our executives after receiving your request will call you to confirm the order.
  • You can also directly call on the numbers available on our website and speak to our customer service executives to place your order or any query regarding the product.

* Note: Results may vary person to person.

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